About me

I started a podcast about fitness, health and nutrition. When you have done such a thing, you feel the need to prove to your audience that you, do in fact, know what you are talking about and that you practise what you preach. This is why I have inserted some photos of myself which can be seen below. Be sure to put on some dark safety goggles before peering at the images below, because I am whiter than an albino polar bear.

Tell me your lift.. life story!

I have been working out for approximately 50 weeks a year, several days a week for practically 16 years now (half my life at this point! Crazy…). I have tried dozens of different workout types over the course of thousands of hours of training. During that time I have also spent hundreds of hours studying nutrition: reading research and books, watching videos and experimenting with dozens of eating patterns and diets. During that time, I found that I took a liking to health, food, fitness, goal setting, healthy habit building and all that good stuff. So much so, that I started violating everyone’s ears around me with the things that I learned. Then it dawned on me: why would I stop at violating people’s ears in my close vicinity? Why not go for GLOBAL EAR VIOLATION?! And thus my evil plan to take over the world and make sure that everyone walks around in a fit and healthy body that they are happy with was spawned *insert evil high pitched laugh here*.

Bla bla, conclusion please

This page, and the whole site for that matter, is under construction. I will be adding more boring personal details later. Two more things before we part ways:

  1. People have asked me this so here is my answer: My body was built naturally! The only things I ever tried were a pre-workout (once, did not like it), creatine (a few times, haven’t used it for years) and protein powder (had not used it for years up until a few weeks ago for an experiment). By playing with angles and lighting, photos can make someone look a lot bigger or smaller than they really are. I have only gained approximately 8-10 kgs (17,6-22 lbs) of lean mass since starting to train for hypertrophy. Don’t allow yourself to be lied to: there are no genetic freaks. That being said, everyone can build a great, aesthetically pleasing physique by doing the right things.
  2. Start creating your desired healthy habit today! Start with that daily walk! It takes approximately 2 months before something turns into a habit so start today¹! I want you to be fit, healthy and I want you to love your body!

  1. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/ejsp.674

Author: David